Weatherlite Recreation Room & Enclosures

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Weatherlite Recreation Room & Enclosures Image

The weatherlite recreation room system can be built as a total unit including the roof etc, or, to enclose existing verandahs and patio areas that in the past would have been less usable in the cold or wet weather.

Weatherlite sliding panels with unique vinyl glazing are custom made to suit the particular home and style – each project is an individual.

Weatherlite panels are weather resistant with durable aluminium frames. They can be clear or tinted to provide shade or privacy.

The sashes generally slide to one side creating a gauzed opening of 66% of the window area for ventilation. When the weather is right you have a ventilated indoor outdoor screened area and when there is unfavourable weather you just slide the sashes across to block out the worst of the weather and give you protection from the elements.

Whether it’s a recreation room, pool/spa area, indoor/outdoor living, hobbies, exercise equipment, BBQ, open air dining or enclosing an existing verandah WEATHERLITE panels are the perfect choice.

Weatherlite Recreation Room & Enclosures Picture Ideas